About Sureel Kumar - Sureel Art Gallery Giddarbaha, PB, India, Vienna, Austria

About me - Who am I?

I really don't know. I was born in April 1967 at longitude 74-31 east and lattitude 30-26 north, the place is currently called as Shri Muktsar Sahib in Punjab, India. My parents gave me a name. After that everybody call me Sureel Kumar or by my nick name, Dimpy or Dimple.

As a young boy, I was attracted to sketching an wood carving/ sculpturing, but these interests were sacrificed for Indian style education, which anyway I was unable to get. I did not complete my graduation and started working for my family. 

After doing miscellaneous jobs like a clerk in a bank, field salesman, dish washer, making and selling burgers at Mc Donald, web developer, timber trader, I became 48 years old. I said 'enough' and I started my journey with art. Since that I am happy :)

I love to work with wood. Existence creates unique artworks through me and I enjoy it.

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Portfolio/ Biodata Sureel Kumar (PDF)