Shiva Shakti #10 - The Life Cycle - Desire

Shiva-Shakti #10 - The Life Cycle - Desire - by Sureel Kumar - Wood Mosaic Sculpture - SureelArt Gallery Giddarbaha, PB India, Vienna Austria

Shiva-Shakti #10 - The Life Cycle - Desire

Wood Mosaic/ Sculpture
24X 21 Inches
2018 SureelArt

Made with teak wood pieces, mix hard wood, plywood and wood sealer.

Nothing stays forever in Existence. It is mystery why things go on changing all the time. They change due to sheer boredom? I am not sure. But I feel, when Shiva and Shakti, the two basic forces in the universe decide to get out of harmony, each of them is filled with desire to do something opposite but complementary.