Who am I? #70

Who am I? #70 - Lost in Comparisons! - Wood Mosaic Sculpture - Sureel Art Gallery Giddarbaha PB India, Vienna Austria

Who am I? #70
Lost in Comparisons!
Wood Mosaic/ Sculpture, 25 X 29 Inches, 2022 Sureel Kumar

Most of the time, I go on tagging and comparing people, animals, birds and things around me. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, simple, strong, weak and so on...But the whole exercise of comparing things brings nothing. At the end, the tags, definitions and comparisons are not able to give me an understanding of anything. Everything remains like a mystery. And this is the same when I look at my own thoughts and emotions inside me. No understanding at all.

But there are also some rare moments when I look at the things and try to take them as they are, without comparing and analyzing them. Then this abundance of uniqueness turns into a beautiful and harmonious mystery.